Get to Know Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington is the perfect setting for 2019’s groundbreaking OCEANS Conference. This progressive, oceanfront city serves as the headquarters of NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratorya federal laboratory that makes critical observations and conducts groundbreaking research to advance our knowledge of the global ocean and its interactions with the earth, atmosphere, ecosystems, and climate. With Seattle’s maritime industry bringing in nearly $38 billion into the state’s economy, it goes without saying that this location will enhance every aspect of the OCEANS Conference. While you’re there, take a visit to the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, or the Seattle Aquarium. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, so start planning your itinerary! Check out Visit Seattle for inspiration for things to do during your visit.

Getting Around

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As scientific and professional organizations whose members are keenly aware of environmental issues, OCEANS strives to be in the forefront of environmental stewardship. OCEANS 2019 Seattle has been planned in a manner that stresses the responsible use of resources and the minimization of waste and pollutants, most importantly by selecting the Washington State Convention Center as our Convention location.

Find out more about our sustainability initiatives for OCEANS 2019 Seattle.

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