Childcare Services

Below is a list of childcare options and local resources that event delegates may find helpful. This list is provided for event delegate convenience and informational purposes only, should a delegate require childcare services. We suggest you contact them well in advance to inquire as to availability and pricing.

Alternatively, some hotels may provide referrals for childcare/babysitting services.  Please inquire with the hotel you have selected for your stay directly via their Concierge Desk.

Provision of the list of resources does not constitute or imply any endorsement or recommendation by the OCEANS Conference for any particular provider and does not assume responsibility or liability related to the same.  The conference does not provide financial support to delegates requiring the use of these facilities.

We cannot guarantee the quality of a provider’s service.  It is the responsibility of the individual delegate to carefully vet a potential provider to determine if they meet their personal need.  The list is provided as a convenience only through the city’s local tourism authority.