Technical Program Topics

Blue sea. Blue sky. Blue tech.

The OCEANS 2019 Seattle Conference will give you the tools and knowledge to advance… 

Seattle Technical Sessions, Special Topics:

  • Coordinated Multi-Vehicle Teams for Marine Applications (Air, Surface, Underwater)
  • Polar and Under Ice Stationary and Mobile Observing Systems
  • Offshore Earthquakes – Measuring and Mitigating Their Impact
  • Wave, Current, Wind, and Gradient Energy Harvesting
  • Best Practices in Sensor Design and Use, Systems Operations, and Data Management
  • Plastics in the Ocean: Observation and Mitigation Methods
  • Aquaculture: Technology for Management, Monitoring, and Mitigation
  • Electrification of Marine Propulsion Systems and Digitalization of Marine Handling Systems
  • FOR EXHIBITORS ONLY: Commercial Vendor Introduction of New or Improved Products (no paper publication in IEEE Xplore paper)

OCEANS Technical Sessions, Standard Topics:

  • Underwater Acoustics and Acoustical Oceanography
  • Sonar Signal/Image Processing and Communication
  • Ocean Observing Platforms, Systems, and Instrumentation
  • Remote Sensing
  • Ocean data Visualization, Modeling, and Information Management
  • Marine Environment, Oceanography, and Meteorology
  • Optics, Imaging, Vision, and E-M Systems
  • Marine Law, Policy, Management, and Education
  • Offshore, Structure and Technology
  • Ocean Vehicles and Floating Structures

 Tutorial/Workshop Topics (potential): 

  • Biofouling, Materials, Coatings, and Corrosion Carbon Fiber in Ocean Applications  
  • Underway systems for autonomous observations (e.g. from ferries and other vessels of opportunity)  
  • Producing public real-time data products, QA & QC issues  
  • Glider operations for advanced users  
  • Sensor data analysis  
  • Resolving instrument and platform integration issues  
  • Using real-time data from ocean observatories, access, etc. 
  • Ocean Policy, Management, and Environmental Permits  
  • Marine Spatial Planning