Call for Volunteers

Volunteers are an important part of the OCEANS 2019 conferences. They help with daily operations, event organization and efficiency, and connecting participants to local knowledge. Being a volunteer is an excellent opportunity to meet, interact, and network with members of the marine technology field. This experience is available to anyone, especially students and recent graduates entering the field, who is willing to help make OCEANS 2019 Seattle a success.

Please refer to the Volunteer Activities Spreadsheet for information regarding the activities and responsibilities of particular volunteer positions we seek to fill. There will be a training session for registration and bar-code scanner volunteers on Sunday before the conference officially gets started.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out the ​form and email Carol Coomes at ​​ with any questions.


  • Free or reduced registration* to the main conference.
  • Access to coffee-breaks and lunches in the exhibit hall with all the attendees.
  • Opportunities to talk about your work and ideas with leading researchers and practitioners.
  • Possibility to attend social events on the days that you volunteer.
  • Knowing that you played an important part in the success of the conference!
    * NB: You must volunteer at least a full day in order to obtain free registration for the conference.


  • Willing to provide at least ½-day, preferably a whole day, for efficiency of training and operations.
  • Proficient in English and good social and communication skills.
  • Willing to attend a training and/or orientation session prior to your volunteer time, e..g, registration volunteers need to attend a training session on Sunday Oct. 27th.

Note to volunteer applicants with an accepted paper or poster abstract: ​If you wish to volunteer, you must let the conference organizers know 2-days before the September 13th author registration deadline in order to provide adequate time to process your request and provide you a discount code for registration. Further, you must adhere to your volunteer commitment ​and​ your presentation commitment or your paper/poster will not be available in Xplore or for download.