Welcome Students

The OCEANS 2019 Seattle Conference is a unique opportunity to present your research, learn about new directions in ocean science, technology, and engineering, expand your professional network, meet potential employers, and develop your professional development.

At this year’s conference, we encourage you to participate in our “Adopt-A-Student” Mentoring Program with some of our outstanding mentors, join in a “Vendor Walk-Around” session, present a talk or poster in the technical program, and attend technical sessions and workshops. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to meet other students in a special Student Social event. For students who wish to present their work in a competitive session leading to awards and publication, be sure to check out the Student Poster Competition.

Whether you’re a student new to the field or a student soon to graduate, the OCEANS 2019 Seattle conference can offer you great opportunities.  Below are resources specifically designed to make the student experience straightforward and valuable.

  • Student Registration
    • Early registration for students with access to the full conference is $280 per student.
      • Students also have the option to buy events ‘a la carte’ style. These tickets will cost $130 per student, and give students access to only the technical talks, without admission to lunches, social events, and food/drink with the exception of coffee breaks.
  • Full Registration
    • Free student membership to several oceanographic societies, including MTS (Marine Technology Society) and the Ocean Engineering Society (OES) division of IEEE, reserved for student conference attendees.
    • Mentoring and Networking coordination
    • Vendor and Exhibitor Tours
    • Technical Sessions and Workshops

Looking to lower your registration cost? Options may include scholarships, volunteering, or applications for cost adjustment. Stay tuned for more details.

Adopt-A-Student Program

Build your network and learn more about the industry by being matched with an experienced professional at the conference. Sign up with our mentoring program and help us pair you with a person that will introduce you to the conference, help you network with other attendees, and share some of their experiences in the field. Mentors are also volunteers who have a range of experience and are excited to help early career and student attendees. Interested in seeing who your mentor could be? Find out the possibilities here! This is a structured program which is intended to help you start developing personal and professional relationships. Stay tuned for applications to this program.

Vendor and Exhibitor Tours

While the social settings at the conference can accomplish a great deal in making you feel welcome and help you make those professional networking introductions, having the opportunity to engage with vendors at a technical level is a much different experience. We encourage you to sign-up for one of our small group Vendor and Exhibitors Walk-Through sessions.

Several of our vendors and exhibitors attending the conference will lead small groups of students on tours of the exhibit hall.  These student tours will give you a personal introduction to the companies that are in attendance, and offer you some insight into how various sectors of the industry work.

Get the most out of your time walking through the exhibit hall by joining one of the guided walk-throughs. Stay tuned for applications to this program.

Student Social

After the Ice Breaker event, where you’ll have a chance to network and socialize with hundreds of industry members, please join us for a special Student Social. Here you will meet fellow students as well as professional members of the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society and the Marine Technology Society. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the research interests of your peers and  how to become engaged in the local, regional, national and international activities of the two societies.

If you have questions, please reach out to mlog@uw.edu or lionheart.regina@gmail.com.